25 Things to do Before You List Your Home

First impressions have a major impact on potential buyers. Try to imagine what a potential buyer will see when they approach your house for the first time and tour each room. As your Realtor, I am happy to do a walk through and help my clients make a to do list of things they should do BEFORE their home is listed. It will help sell your home faster and give the buyers the impression that things are cared for and well maintained.

  1. Repair leaky faucets and freshly caulk the bathtubs and showers.
  2. Replace worn shower curtains.
  3. Make sure toilet seats look new and are firmly attached.
  4. Remove all clutter throughout the house. Organize and clean out closets and pantry.
  5. Make sure all kitchen appliances are clean and working.
  6. Shampoo carpeting or replace if worn. Clean tile floors and grout if dirty.
  7. Brighten the inside by painting walls, cleaning windows and removing sunscreens.
  8. If screens or windows are damaged, replace or repair them.
  9. Avoid any extension cords in plain view.
  10. If any doors stick or squeak, fix them.
  11. Repair or replace any loud ceiling fans.
  12. Repair or replace any broken knobs or handles on doors or cabinets.
  13. Make sure the door bell works properly and has a pleasant sound.
  14. Make your entry inviting. Buy a new welcome mat and clean, paint or re-stain front door.
  15. First impression is from the curb. Trim all bushes, pull weeds, mow grass and plant flowering plants for color.
  16. If there are any broken landscaping lights or bulbs missing fix or replace.
  17. Ensure all outside fixtures are clean and have working bulbs.
  18. Paint mailbox.
  19. Check stucco walls for cracks and discoloration.
  20. Inspect side gates and latches to be sure they work.
  21. Have the pool equipment checked. Make sure all is working properly and that the pool and spa are kept clean.
  22. Rearrange furniture to make rooms appear larger. Store any excess furniture.
  23. Remove some family photos. Less is more.
  24. Have Air Conditioning/Heating/Hot Water Heater inspected and change filters where necessary.
  25. Remove any oil or rust stains from the driveway and garage.

Good luck in getting your house ready to sell!


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