Buying a Scottsdale Arizona Home?

Scorpions Come With The Territory

Scorpions are arthropods, they have eight legs, two pedipalps, and a tail with a venom-injecting barb. They prey on insects. All scorpions are venomous, they use their venom to kill their prey in self defense.

Scorpions are often found in the desert near mountains, buttes and in the outskirts of town where there is less urbanization. New construction can also cause scorpions to move. A water source such as a lake or a canal will attract prey for scorpions.

There are a few ways for you to protect yourself and your home from scorpions.

  1.  scorpion-arizona-desertSeal your home. This process involves caulking all area around pipes, drains, fittings, walls, vents, cracks in the foundation or siding where a scorpion might gain access to the house. You can do this yourself or there are companies that specialize in this . It is worth the investment to have this done correctly up front. Also, install weather stripping around loose fitting doors and windows. Look outside too. Check the mesh over the dryer vent, check for openings around cables, wires, pipes, AC vents and outlets.
  2.  Perform regular pest control service. You can do this yourself, once a month at night preferably when there is a full moon. Scorpions tend to be the most active then. Spray your entire yard or hire a pest control company specializing in scorpion control.
  3. Remove insect sources. Scorpions eat other insects so it is necessary to remove insect sources such as crickets, cockroaches, cicadas and ants. If you eliminate an insect problem the scorpions will have nothing to prey on.
  4. Clean up your yard. Scorpions love hiding places like wood piles, rocks, lumber, fireplaces etc. If it is possible, move these havens as far away from your home as possible.
  5. Black light hunting. You can buy a cheap black light at any home improvement store and go out in your yard to hunt scorpions at night. They practically glow in the dark and are easy to spot with the black light. It is important to hunt them and kill them. You can use long needle nose pliers and pinch them and then put them in a cup with soapy water to drown them. Remember, every one you catch is one that is not coming in your house. At first, this seems scary but it is also entertaining!
  6. Plant Lavender. If you plant lavender around the perimeter of your yard it acts as a deterrent for scorpions. It is quite easy to grow and maintain and it also smells nice!
  7. Be smart!  It is important to not take unnecessary chances. Don’t walk barefoot in the garage, don’t leave piles of stuff on the exterior of your home. Store things in plastic bins rather than cardboard boxes or shopping bags. Train your family to be observant and let you know if they see any kind of bug especially scorpions so you can kill them.
  8. A pet could actually help. Cats have been known to catch and kill scorpions around the home and some dogs will as well. They innately and willingly will go for the kill and have the courage to do so!
  9. What to do if you get stung.  Contrary to popular belief, most scorpions are relatively harmless. The sting is painful ( equal to a wasp sting) but they are rarely fatal. If you get stung clean the area with soap and water, place a cold compress on the area. If you experience trouble focusing your eyes, have random eye movement, trouble swallowing, tongue feels swollen, slurred speech, dizziness, blurry vision or muscle twitching proceed to the nearest emergency room. You can always call Poison Control if you have any questions or concerns 1-800-222-1222.

Scorpions are a part of our life living here in the desert. If you follow these basic steps hopefully it will help the situation or at least minimize the amount. When in doubt call a professional to help. It’s not worth taking an unnecessary risk or putting your family in harm’s way.

Happy Hunting!

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