Notes from Randi

Things to Do in Arizona – November 2018

You can tell by reading this month’s edition of Things to Do in Arizona that we love our food!  We can make a festival around just about any food or drink:  wine, beer, pizza, donuts, olive oil, mac n cheese, bacon and, of course, Hatch Chiles!  If you’re a Foody like we are, there are so many restaurants to appeal to every taste bud!  And since it’s November, it means lots of alfresco dining!  Bon appetit!

And please contact me if you’re ready to put away the snow blower and slip on your flip flops!

Things to Do in Arizona – October 2018

It’s a BOO-tiful time to be in Arizona, with many Fall Festivals to attend and the excitement of the glorious cooler temperatures that await us!  That means lots of Al Fresco dining with good friends and family!  October is definitely my most favorite month — come visit and you’ll see why!  Enjoy this month’s edition of Things to Do in Arizona!



Things To Do in Arizona – June 2018

June is busting out all over!  Well, busting out with fun and sun, that is.  Yes, I know weather is a topic I often talk about, but it seems to be a favorite — especially for people who are just now seeing their first glimpse of Spring. 

Our mornings are delightful for a cappuccino at one of our many outdoor cafes, the parks have plenty of tree shade for a lovely walk with your pups, and the evenings are perfect for an al fresco dinner at any of our amazing resorts.  

There is SO much to do in this lovely month of June!  But rather than me tell you about it, I’ll let you read about it!  Enjoy this month’s edition of Things to Do in Arizona.


Things To Do in Arizona – May 2018

Say hello to May!  It’s that time of year here in Arizona where we bid goodbye to Spring Training friends and hello to more parking spots and the best seats in town for our favorite restaurants! 

It might be getting a little toasty, and yes, we will reach the 100 degree mark sometime this month…but you’ve heard it before and it is true — it’s a DRY heat! But enough about the weather (because I won’t be bragging about it much over the next few months)!  

I can say with all sincerity we live in a desert paradise.  I’d love to show you first hand.  So, if you’ve been thinking about making Arizona your new (or even second) home, call me please!

Meanwhile, please enjoy this month’s edition of Things to Do in Arizona!

My best always,


Things to Do in Arizona – April 2018

Did you know Arizona does not have daylight savings time?  With typically 300 days of sunshine each year, we don’t really need any more! 

But if you really want to spring forward, hop on a plane and come visit one of the most beautiful destinations around, complete with the best weather!  Leave your snow shoes behind and pack up your flip flops!  I’ll be ready to show you some gorgeous homes, too!  Please enjoy this edition of Things to Do in Arizona!

Wishing you a blessed Easter.