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Named for the spring wildflowers that blanket the area, Paradise Valley, Arizona is an affluent suburb with an exceptional location. It springs up as an oasis against the backdrop of both Camelback Mountain and Mummy Mountain. Additionally, it is conveniently located between bustling Phoenix and the upscale bedroom community of Scottsdale, offering nearly unlimited options for dining , shopping and entertainment.

Paradise Valley is an exclusive enclave that offers an unparalleled scenic beauty. With its location between Phoenix and Scottsdale, residents have easy access to both a major metropolitan area and a resort community. With its breathtaking scenery and relaxed pace of life, there is perhaps no city in America that is more aptly named.

The town is exclusively zoned for single family residential use. The majority of the Town is zoned for one acre lots with one house per lot. No multiple housing units or common walls are permitted. Any land use other than residential must be authorized by a Special Use Permit, which may only be granted after public hearings before both the Planning Commission and the Town Council. Some authorized Special Uses are: religious facilities, resorts, medical clinics, stables, golf courses, or private schools

History of Mummy Mountain

Charlie Mieg, a Swiss by birth, prospered in banking and real estate in New York City and later in Florida, before moving to Arizona in the 1930s. He prospected for gold and other minerals through the Bradshaw Mountains, and spent much time at the Bagdad mines.

In the early 1940s he relocated to the area that later became Scottsdale and Paradise Valley. He was profoundly impressed by the beauty and serenity of what was then called Windy Gulch, a mountain in the midst of what would become the Town of Paradise Valley. He was so captivated by the area that he borrowed $8000 of the $12,000 purchase price from his mother-in-law, and acquired the Van Benscoten Ranch which included most of the property on and adjacent to Windy Gulch on the north and east sides.

Charlie was an experienced businessman. He recognized the value of property on his mountain; the views of the valley were exceptional. He discarded his miner’s gear and went back into the real estate business to sell parcels of land from his mountain property.

Charlie also was a good salesman. He recognized that a mountain named Windy Gulch did not have the desired marketing appeal. He began to reflect on another name to use in selling and marketing his properties.

One early morning he was riding along the dirt road which later would become Shea Boulevard admiring his mountain framed in the early morning sunlight. He was struck by how much the mountain resembled an Egyptian mummy lying down. It occurred to him that the name Mummy Mountain would be far more appealing than Windy Gulch. That morning he resolved henceforth his mountain would be called Mummy Mountain and he would market his land under that label.

Thereby a man born in Switzerland, and an early pioneer in Arizona, gave us the distinctive name we use to this day: Mummy Mountain. All thanks to Charlie Mieg, his marketing talent, and his early appreciation of a natural and unique geographic landmark in the Town of Paradise Valley.

Goal of the Trust

The goal of the Mummy Mountain Preserve Trust is to perpetuate the natural landscape, desert plants, wildlife and scenic beauty of the mountain areas of the Town.

The Trust protects precious land on the mountains from future development in order to preserve it as natural open space in perpetuity.

The Trust seeks to add approximately 100 acres located on the upper reaches of Mummy Mountain to the 217 acres already a part of the Preserve area.

Preservation of Mummy Mountain honors the vision of those who established similar trusts to preserve Camelback Mountain and the Phoenix Mountains.

The Mummy Mountain Preserve Trust builds on this enduring legacy.

Benefits of the Trust

The Mummy Mountain Preserve Trust benefits our Town and neighboring communities in many ways. It protects a significant portion of one of our Town’s natural geographic features from further development.

Those residents who take special pride in our distinctive scenic panoramas can continue to enjoy them. Visitors from throughout the world can continue to share this beauty. The Trust is a lasting gift to future generations of the Town of Paradise Valley residents. Native desert plants and wildlife within the preserve can flourish without disruption.

Those who participate in the Mummy Mountain Preserve Trust can receive tax benefits and contribute to the preservation of a scenic mountain landmark.

The Trust safeguards Mummy Mountain as a natural vista for all to enjoy. It ensures that our valley remains a paradise.

Search Paradise Valley Homes – $300K – $1M Search Paradise Valley Homes – $1.1M – $3M Search Paradise Valley Homes – $3.1M – $8M

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