Live Out Your Golden Years at Home

The Consumer Electronics show was held in Las Vegas last month and the focus was on high tech innovations designed more specifically to meet the growing needs of the aging boomer population. According to the latest data from the Center for Aging Services Technologies, 89% of the country’s baby boomer generation ( roughly 78 million born between 1946 and 1964) say they would prefer to live out their golden years at home, rather than go to assisted living communities.

The bulk of the new products introduced were aimed at keeping older adults living independently at home longer. This hot trend is in both tech and architecture where practices like incorporating handrails in shower stalls and other unobtrusive accessibility features around the house are part of smart “aging in place” design. At home live monitoring devices and systems that provide data back to their care agency are also an integral piece of the puzzle. Tech alone will not be enough to fulfill the boomer dream of never leaving their homes. In home care is also another important aspect of the total picture. Specially trained caregivers who can help interpret all of the diagnostic data and provide proper health care assistance is the winning combination for the future!

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