Things to Do in Arizona – November 2017

What’s that I detect? Is that a slight chill in the morning air?  Oh yes it is!  Our wonderful Arizona Fall weather is here and it’s just splendid!  I’m pulling out my sweaters and celebrating… you can celebrate this gorgeous weather too, with all kinds of fun Fall activities happening this month.  Check out Things to Do in Arizona!

Things to Do in Arizona – October 2017

With summer almost behind us, we can now begin dreaming of pulling out our winter sweaters and…. oh heck, who am I kidding.  It’s gorgeous here and the weather is still warm enough to don your swimming suit and take a plunge in the pool!

Enjoy this edition of Things to Do in AZ! 

Happy Fall!

Things to Do in Arizona – May 2017

Sweet, wonderful May!  Probably one of our favorite months before summer hits.  Not that we don’t like summer – but these precious May temps are just our favorite.  A slight chill in the air in the morning and evening temps that might still require a light sweater (or not).  Enjoy this month’s edition of What’s Happening in Arizona.  And please contact me if you are thinking of moving to our beautiful State.

Things to Do in Arizona – April 2017

It’s the most wonderful time of the year…. no, I don’t mean Christmas, I mean April!  With the buzz of Spring Training coming to end and the beginning of all kinds of outdoor events for you and your family, there is just too much fun waiting for you in our beautiful state.  I hope you enjoy this edition of Things to Do in Arizona!

And I wish you a very Happy Easter!

Things to Do in Arizona – November 2016

I’m FALL-ing love all over again with Arizona thanks to our gorgeous weather!  Yes, we’re still walking around in shorts and flip flops and probably will be well into December, but that’s part of the beauty of where we live!  But, it does get cool enough to wear a light sweater in the evening or even start a fire in the backyard fire pit.  I’m sure some of you are already enjoying your winter weather, snow and all!

As always, and especially when we have this awesome weather, there is much to do and see in Arizona.  I hope you’ll enjoy this edition of What’s Happening in Arizona!

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