Now is the Time to Re-finance Your Arizona Home

Interest rates are at an all time low and there are many programs and scenarios to consider when re-financing. The most important thing is to align yourself with a mortgage professional who you trust and who can walk you through the various options available to you. Even a 1% reduction in interest rate on a $200k loan can lower your payment by approximately $120 a month or over $1,440 a year in savings!

The HARP loan program is available through 2013 and allows certain conventional loans to be re-financed even if the property is “underwater” from a value perspective.

Also, now may be the time to take advantage of this low interest rate environment to convert from a 30 year fixed rate mortgage to a 15 or even a 10 year fixed rate mortgage in order to pay off your mortgage sooner.

Because everyone’s financial situation and loan scenario is different the best thing to do is fax your mortgage statement to a local mortgage professional and a true business partner of mine, RJ Crosby, at 1-866-393-2651 or e-mail to for a free review and analysis of your current mortgage and potential options. You may also visit his web-site at

Contact a trusted Arizona Real Estate Professional today for all of your home buying and selling needs. Contact Randi Christel.

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