Buyer’s Guide to a Smooth Closing

For a smooth closing remember these important points:

  • Maintain current financial status; no major purchases, no job changes
  • Tell your Realtor and escrow officer if you will be unable to come to our office at closing; we will try to make special arrangements to accommodate your needs
  • Bring a cashier’s check to your closing or arrange for your money to be wired to CTA before signing
  • If your funds are coming from out of state, please let your escrow officer know at least one week before closing
  • Your closing appointment usually takes about an hour; be sure to let your employer know
  • If you are unsure about closing procedures, ask questions; an explanation is just a phone call away
  • Be prepared for last minute lender requirements
  • Bring a photo ID with you to the signing


After The Closing

Loan payments and impounds. You should receive your loan coupon book before your first payment is due. If you don’t receive your book, or if you hove questions about your loan, contact your lender.

Home warranty repairs. If you have a home warranty policy, call your home warranty company directly for repairs. Have your policy number available when you call.

Recorded deed. The original deed to your home will be mailed directly to you by the County Recorder, generally 4-6 weeks after close of escrow.

Title Insurance Policy. Your policy will be mailed to you two to three weeks after the close of escrow. Keep it in a safe place.

Property taxes. You may not receive a tax statement for the current year for the home you buy; however, it is your obligation to make sure the taxes are paid when due. If your taxes are not included in your monthly payments, contact: Maricopa County Treasurer—602-506-8511 for tax information.


Important Property Tax Dates

Taxes for the 1st half of the current year:

  • January 1 through June 30
  • Due on: October 1st of current year
  • Delinquent on: November 1st of current year

Taxes for the 2nd half of the current year:

  • July 1 through December 31
  • Due on: March 1st of current year
  • Delinquent on: May 1st of current year

The above information was provided all or in part courtesy of Capital Title Agency.


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