The Arizona Lifestyle

Biking, climbing, hiking, professional sports, swimming, water & snow skiing, arts, the Grand Canyon & Colorado River… Phoenix is a dynamic and energetic city that attracts residents from across the country. The result is an open and optimistic society that encourages active participation in shaping the city’s future.

Our envied climate and dramatically varied topography offer a full range of recreational opportunities. Golf, tennis, boating and other water sports are available year-round. Hiking and camping in the local mountains and deserts and in the nearby pine forests are very popular. During winter months residents can choose to lounge poolside or enjoy downhill snow skiing less than three hours away by car.

In addition, residents of Phoenix enjoy professional sports such as the Phoenix Suns, Arizona Cardinals, Phoenix Mercury, Arizona Rattlers, Phoenix Coyotes and the Arizona Diamondbacks.

Why Arizona?

  • For the third year in a row the Metro Phoenix area has been named the No. 1 “entrepreneurial hot spot” in the nation by the respected research firm Cognetics Inc. According to Cognetics President David Birch, “You’re doing everything about right , near as I can figure” “You have a great airport, a great university, well educated high school graduates, a good pro-business climate, a lovely place to live…. And you have all of that at once.”
  • Time magazine cover story, January 1997 rated the Phoenix area number two in the “15 hottest places” for job growth.
  • Fortune rated the Phoenix as one of the nations top 10 cities for business.
  • Arizona is the second fastest growing state in the nation, with a projected population of 6.1 million by 2010.
  • Fueled by six consecutive years of tax reductions, the Arizona economy continues to expand at a record pace. From 1993 through 1997 more than 400,000 private sector jobs were created alone.
  • The passage of the North American Free Trade Agreement has been a boon to the Arizona economy. Exports to Mexico jumped 28% in 1996 to $1.6 billion, making Arizona a hot prospect for companies doing business across the border.

The Arizona economy continues to diversify. The growing expansion into service, retail, telecommunications, high tech and financial services industries is a positive move which should diminish the adverse effects of any periodic down turns in the economy.

Quality of Life

Arizona is world renowned for its unsurpassed natural beauty, its warm and sunny climate (300 + days a year of sunshine!), varied recreational activities, and diverse cultural opportunities. Taken on a whole, these attributes provide a quality of life in Arizona that is unparalleled, and will continue to be a powerful draw for new businesses and residents.

Uniquely Arizona

These are just a few of the little known but exciting features that Phoenix and the state of Arizona have to offer.

  • The average annual temperature minimum for Phoenix is 63 and the maximum is 87. The coolest month, December, averages a low of 43 and a high of 63. Yes, it gets hot in the summer, but from October through May, you will enjoy fantastic weather.
  • When you live in Phoenix, it is possible to ski at Snow Bowl or Sunrise and swim in your backyard pool on the same day. Or, you may prefer to sip champagne while gliding across the valley in a hot air balloon.
  • The old west is living history in Arizona. You can recapture its flavor in Tombstone or at the Old Tucson famous movie location. Explore the many ghost towns of the mining era or take up the quest for the Lost Dutchman Mine in the Superstition Mountains.
  • Outdoor recreation? More boats are owned per capita than in any other U.S. state due to the vast number of lakes. Most people are aware of rafting the Grand Canyon’s Colorado River, but did you know that the upper Salt River is one of the nation’s best white water rafting trips?
  • Because of the weather, golf, tennis and mountain biking are the three most popular activities. There are more than 200 golf courses in the state and growing. Your home could be on a fairway.
  • The Jet Fighter Museum in Mesa opening in late 2004, is devoted to fighter aircraft and the pilots who flew them. Retired Air Force aircraft are preserved in the “Boneyard” at Tucson’s Davis-Monthan AFB.
  • South Mountain Park in Phoenix has nearly 17,000 acres of rugged desert mountain trails, making it the largest city park in the nation and the largest desert mountain city park in the world. This preserve is backed by the Foothills of Phoenix. These residents enjoy a multitude of hiking, biking and horseback trails right at their doorstep.

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